How to Choose the Right Lenses.


Linsey offers many choices of lens materials to fit your preferences and lifestyle.


• Lightweight, virtually shatter-proof lens. They are a very safe lens and are somewhat thinner and lighter.

• Polycarbonate


Additional enhancements are also available for your prescription glasses include:


Ultra Violet protection. UV rays are the leading cause of eye disease, and by using a UV coating, eyestrain can also be avoided. A scratch resistant coating can be included along with this protection.

Crizal Anti reflection lenses. Anti-reflective lenses do not reflect light and may be an option for patients who works outdoors or drive at night.

Polarized lenses. These lenses help eliminate reflected glare.

Transition lenses change from clear to dark when you go outdoors and back to clear when you go inside, eliminating the need to change from regular clear glasses to sunglasses.

Varilux progressive lenses. These lenses represent "cutting edge" technology in progressive lenses and is a result of years of research and technology.

Special needs options such as for computer, reading, and safety glasses.

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